The Joy Luck Club

3. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F). I'm from other country, we badly understand english please HELP!

a__ For Chinese people real gold is twenty-four carats.

b__ Lindo Jong was engaged at two.

c__ Lindo Jong's husband was older than her.

d__ Lindo Jong's family moved to a south when she was twelve.

e__ Lindo Jong married at twelve.

f__ There was a lot of fighting at the time of wedding.

g__ Lindo Jong was delighted to be married.

h__ Lindo Jong's matchmaker's candle burnt all night without going out.

i__ When her mother-in-law discovered about the candle she sent Lindo Jong away.

j__ After her marriege ended, Lindo Jong went to America.

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A. True

B. True

You need to sumbmit these two at a time. Thanks.