The Joy Luck Club

2. Put the following events in the right order. Number them 1-10. I'm from other country, we badly understand english please HELP!

a__ Suyuan Woo and her friends start to play mah-jong in Kweilin.

b__ Suyuan Woo arrives in Chungking.

c__ Jing-mei is born.

d__ Suyuan Woo marries again.

e__ Suyuan Woo comes to San Francisco.

f__ Suyuan Woo moves to Kweilin.

g__ Suyuan Woo dies.

h__ Suyuan Woo's husband goes to war.

i__ Suyuan Woo starts the San Francisco Joy Luck Club.

j__ Suyuan Woo leaves Kweilin.

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