The Joy Luck Club

1.Are these sentences true or false? I'm from other country, we badly understand english please HELP!

a__ Jing-mei's parents arrived in San Francisco with a lot of baggage.

b__ The Joy Luck Club started in San Francisco.

c__ Jing-mei's mother dreamed of Kweilin before she saw it.

d__ Kweilin was beautiful.

e__ Jing-mei's mother had to leave Kweilin because she was pregnant.

f__ Jing-mei's mother took her mah-jong table to Chungking.

g__ Jing-mei's mother travelled to Chungking by train.

h__ Jing-mei's mother carried everything in a wheelbarrow.

i__ Jing-mei's mother arrived in Chungking with her daughters.

j__ The two sisters in China are Jing-mei's half-sisters.

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