The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

At the beginning of the story, what attitudes does granny have toward the doctor, towars cornelia, and toward her own illness?

In the story the jilting of granny weatherall what was her attitude towards the doctor, Cornelia, and toward her illness. In the the recall in the book Literature the readers choice.

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Granny treats the doctor as if he's a child, and she treats Cornelia as if she's intruding of her business. Granny gives the doctor a difficult time because he's young, and because she doesn't appreciate his condescending manner. Cornelia, however, irritates her grandmother for no other reason than she's a good granddaughter...... Gramma would like to give her a spanking.

Granny doesn't take her illness seriously because she's been preparing for the end for twenty years and hasn't died yet. She's still preparing, but I don't think she really believes that death will ever take her. In her final moments..... Granny realizes that she was in no way as prepared as she'd believed.