The Jade Peony

Question from a book " the Jade Peony"

Chapter one

Why do Poh-Poh and Wong-Suk know each other and are able to speak a different dialect between them?

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The two have known each other for years, from their days in China.

"Aiiiiyah! Wong Kimlein!" Poh-Poh exclaimed, calling him by his birth-name in a voice loud enough to break up the hubbub. "It's truly you! They say you come back from Yale. Not die there. Die here, in Salt Water City, in Vancouver."

She suddenly spoke to him in a different dialect, more pitched and strange than I had ever heard. Monkey talk. Poh-Poh waved Father into the kitchen to bring the food. Monkey chattered back to Grandmother, matching her odd, lurching vowels.


The Jade Peony