The Jade Peony

Question from a book " the Jade Peony"

chapter one

What are some of the ways Jook-Liang behaves “badly” in her first visit with JookLiang?

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Her first visit with Wong Sin-saang? She drew attention to herself, stared, approached him, and even ran to hug him. He loved it!

I ran the last few steps and reached out to him, at once burying my head against his bone-thin body: Here was the Monkey King! After all, I heard his voice tremble--the pr-pretty one--a signal to any child not to be afraid of him. Not to doubt him. His disguise as an old man and his two canes were not meant to fool me, especially the canes. I knew what these really were: the two walking sticks, which he could instantly rejoin to become the powerful bamboo pole Monkey used to propel himself across canyons and streams; the same pole he employed to battle monsters, mock demons, shake at courage-testing spirits. I laughed and felt Monkey awkwardly embrace me; very awkwardly of course, so as not to betray his disguise as an Old One with two canes.

Other than that, she showed no fear. She brought up his appearance, something her father had warned everyone not to do outloud.

Then I said the next thing Father insisted no one was supposed to say out loud.

"Wong Suk," I said, loudly, in Chinese, "you all twisted up, crooked."


The Jade Peony