The Island of Dr. Moreau

what would you rate this dook

Defend your star why did you give it this rating

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At 15, I would have given the novel a five out of five stars. As I've gotten older, I do not think the text or themes have held up as well as I thought they would have. I'd give it a three based upon the fact that I think the theme of the Dangers of Scientific Progressivism still applies to many forms of scientific experimentation....... though it is now more thoroughly policed.

I am not sure how many stars I would give this, but I would say this. It is a first try at science fiction, and it certainly does what Wells wanted: it comments on the way in which the world is changing and the ways in which the future would cause many changes that mankind would not be ready for. The whole question of vivisection and the kind of person who would perform such operations raises a whole new level of thinking in readers of this period.