The Island of Dr. Moreau

chapter 3

1. What does the strange man that pendrick sees on the ipecacuanha look like?

2.why does the captain and his sailors dislike the strange looking man?

3.why does pendricks rescuer and the captain argue about?

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Please do not ask more than two questions at a time.

1) "He was, I could see, a misshapen man, short, broad, and clumsy, with a crooked back, a hairy neck, and a head sunk between his shoulders. He was dressed in dark-blue serge, and had peculiarly thick, coarse, black hair."


"...the black face thus flashed upon me shocked me profoundly. It was a singularly deformed one. The facial part projected, forming something dimly

suggestive of a muzzle, and the huge half-open mouth showed as big white teeth as I had ever seen in a human mouth. His eyes were blood-shot at the edges, with scarcely a rim of white round the hazel pupils."

2) The Captain and his men dislike the man because of his ugliness.


The Island of Dr. Moreau

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