The Hunger Games

Why is Peeta's perspective on life different from Kat's and Gale's

how is it different

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His family never knew the poverty that his teammates have experienced; he in fact was the one who gave Katniss bread when her family was starving. He's not rich mind you, in fact his place on the social ladder isn't too far above Katniss', but they have had very different lives none-the-less.

Although Peeta lives in the same district as Kat and Gale, he has never really had to worry about his day-to-day existence. He also has helped Katniss when he has been able, and as is revealed later in the novel, he loves her and has for a very long time. He also does not have the survival skills that Katniss and Gale have.

How does peeta view the Games differently form Katnis; explain his point of view before the even start



Daniel, that's confusing. You're saying it as a question.

Just ignore man. It's an answer in fact.

Peeta likes Katniss.

As a friend and/ or Girllfriend?