The Hunger Games

Why has Peeta asked to be coached separately? How does the girl on fire react to this?

Page 113, chapter 8 last paragraph of the chapter.

peeta,Effie,and haymitch are huddled together around the table talking in hushed voices.that seemed odd,but hunger wins out over curiosity,and i load my plate up with breakfast before i join them.the stews made with tender chunks of lamb and dried plums today.perfect on the bed of rice.ive shoveled about halfway through my food before i realize nobody's talking.i take a big gulp of orange kuice and wipe my moth."so what's going on?you're coaching us on interviews right?" "that's right,"says haymitch."you dont have to wait until im done,I can eat and listen at the same time," Latinas says.

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Peeta wants to be able to play the game separately from Katniss so he can plot behind her back. Later it becomes evident that he just wants to protect her from the other tributes. Initially Katniss is confused and hurt by Peeta's request.