The Hunger Games

who was the fire Starter? chapter 11 page 148 which tribute was the fire starter?

you can find chapter 11 pg. 148 in your hunger games book

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the fire starter was the girl from district 8. katniss hears several feet breaking into a run when the careers find her and killed her. katniss was just about to scream "every foul name" she knows as the fire starter. she lay smoldering in her sleeping bag for a few hours until the careers find her and killed her. then they argue that a cannon never went off, which means the girl is still alive, but her heart will fail. then one tribute silences the others. "we're wasting time. i'll go finish her and let's move on." katniss realized that was peeta's voice.


the hunger games chapter 11 page 148-160

The female tribute from District 8 I believe was the fire starter. The girl from 8 was killed by the Career Tributes plus the boy from District 12. The boy from 12 was making an alliance with the Career's so they could find the female tribute from District 12 and kill her because of a score of an eleven for training. Sounds pretty weird right? A simpleminded girl who was has little skill for a bow and arrow. So the Career's are trying to find the female from District 12 and kill her.


the hunger games