The Hunger Games

who is prim

who is prim

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Primrose Everdeen

Katniss's younger sister, 12 years old. She goes by "Prim." Prim is much more innocent and child-like than Katniss, and not just because she lacks the hunting aptitude of her older sister. Katniss makes it her life's priority to protect Prim from the hardness of life, and Prim thus serves as a personification of Katniss's deferred innocence. Prim has a pet goat named Lady, and works sometimes to help their mother with her duties as a healer.


Prim is Katniss' little sister. She is only 11 or 12 in the first book, 13 in the second book, and then she was around 14 in the third book before her death along with the Capitol children.

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Prim is Katniss' little sister. She's 12 in the beginning of the story. Prim was selected to attend the Hunger Games at the reaping but Katniss couldn't bear to imagine her sister out in the arena where she might get killed. So she, (Katniss) volunteers for Prim. But Prim started screaming after seeing Katniss go up on the podium.