The Hunger Games

What's the point?

Cause it don't make no sense to me whatsoever.

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The point is: Kids from Districts 1-12 are chosen to 'attend' the 75th Annual Hunger Games. The kids get killed by each other. The second point is: Each year, they chose one young man and woman to attend the Hunger Games. I think it's sad that every child in the games has to get killed by other kids.

Think if it this way Davis:

You're in district 8 and I'm in district 1. (this is an example.) My sister Pepper is in the same District as me. Your brother or cousin's in the same district as you. (District 8). I try to kill anybody who gets in my way. You try to kill anybody who gets in your way. We fight for justice and for victory. How'd you like it if your sister or brother or cousin died? That'd be kind of sad wouldn't it? I'd hate it if somebody killed my brother or cousin or friend. I'd get so mad, I'd just take my anger out on whoever killed my family member or friend.

Reply back to me as soon as you can okay?