The Hunger Games

What sort of a strategy do Katniss and Rue develop? Before they take out the Career Tributes' food, what do they gather? How do you kow this? Explain. Quotes included. What does Rue do that was not safe? How do you know this as well?

Please help. Add details, quotes, anything...

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Katniss blows up the food. Before she does that, she sees the tribute from District 5, Foxface, who does an odd little dance to the bins and crates supplied with food, crackers, apples, and other stuff. When Foxface squeals, Katniss thinks that it might've been mined. The boy from District 3 is working with the Career Tributes. Then, after she blows up the food, Cato comes along with the rest of the Careers and yells at the boy. Then, Cato sharply jerks the boy's head to the side. The quickest death of a boy.

I don't have my book with me right now Elena, but I hope this helps! :)


The Hunger Games

I agree with Nina. Katniss blows up the food with her bow and arrow.