The Hunger Games

What happens after the anthem

Chapter 3

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After the Panem anthem is played, the tributes are walked into the Justice Building and left in a room, which Katniss calls the "richest place I've ever been" because of its luxury. She continues to battle her tears to maintain her image.

Her mother and sister are allowed to see her, and she quickly lectures them on all the responsibilities they must remember to fulfill so that they can not only survive but also prevent Prim from taking tessarae. She is particularly stern with her mother, demanding that the latter not fall back into the self-pity that had paralyzed her after her husband's death. Though she promises Prim she will win, Katniss is certain it's impossible, considering the bigger, well-nourished and better-trained kids from wealthier districts.


After it is played, they go into this building they call the "Justice Building" and then they wait to meet their mentors and then board the train that takes them to the Capitol. Then they are training until the Games begin.