The Hunger Games

what effect does the cracker jackers do to the tributes?

What do they do?

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They sting the tributes if they are disturbed. They are very aggressive. Their poison instantly paralyzes the person and they convulse until they die.

like that girl who had puffed up skin?


It's in the movie. Hunger Games

The girl in the movie died? (Novel?)

They sting the tributes if they are disturbed. They are very aggressive. Their poison instantly paralyzes the person and they convulse until they die.

They sting you they kill you theyre tracker jackers

They sting you like bees, they sting you and then they die they kill you they're tracker jackers

um when it stings you it creates a huge bump and could cause hallucinations or you could die

They can cause hallucinations and you cant see and then you die BOOM POW ZOOM BANG BONK


i've heard they make a victim hallucinate. please email me at if you have questions

Hallucinate. Hallucinations make you see things that aren't there, that aren't actually happening. Therefore, the tributes hallucinate when they are stung by a tracker jacker.

Hallucinations i think

Yes they make you hallucinate. Some people die immediately because of all the venom they have in their bodies. And yes, like Glimmer from District 1, she had puffed up skin because of all the venom she had in her body.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

What does it do to you? It makes you hallucinate... makes you see things that aren't there.

hi Gabriel,

they are called tracker jackers not cracker jackers they make you hallucinate it paralyzes you and you convulse until you dies

They sting you and you either hallucinate or die. Glimmer in the novel, twitched hysterically on the ground for a few minutes and then goes still. Katniss also said that the District 4 female tribute staggers out of sight, and Katniss thinks that she won't make it to the lake. And she's right. Katniss hears the cannon go off, but is confused at first because she thinks it is for Glimmer. So she throws her body over the deceased District 1 tribute, as if to protect her, but sees that a hovercraft has lifted the deceased District 4 tribute and carries her away. Katniss had to break what used to be Glimmer's fingers to free her bow and arrows. She tried moving Glimmer's arm, and sees that her arm has distinigrated completely. She closes her eyes and thinks to herself: Is this real? Or has the hallucinations begun? She takes the bow and arrows. Katniss did not hear a second cannon, and thinks that Glimmer is in some sort of a coma, her heart failing.


The Hunger Games Tracker Jacker attack

They make you hallucinate... see things that aren't there. In Katniss' case, she thought Glimmer's arm distinigrated in her hand as she tried to pull on the dead girl's arm to free her bows and arrows.

The tracker jackers do sting the tributes like bees and wasps, but they're special since they were engineered by the Capitol to track the people that disturbed their nest, hence the name. Katniss would usually run the other way whenever she would see the nest in a tree. In the Games, Katniss cut down the nest and was stung by multiple Tracker Jackers, but she wasn't as bad as the girl from District 1, who got hurt so many times that you could barely tell that it was her. She tries to flee the wasps but couldn't since she was unable to move after being stung multiple times. Katniss was able to get away from them but in bad condition. She fell to the floor a distance away from the nest. She woke up days later covered in leaves and pain. In this case, the venom didn't kill her. The victim's don;t always die like Glimmer did, they could be cured like Katniss


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

They're genetically modified play things of the Capitol.

they make u hallucinate make u see things that aren't there