The Hunger Games

What are some differences between district 11 and district 12



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Like District 12, District 11 is one of the poorer districts in panem. District 12 is primarily concerned with mining. District 11 is concerned with agriculture, orchards, fields of wheat, and cotton. People in District 11 tend to have darker skin.

District 11 is much more run down, and have a very bad structure for their justice building. They hung up many banners to cover up the damage and ruins of their town square. Also, in their town square they don't have any buildings that are run, while D12 has all of them full with food, a bakery, tents with goats, and many other things.

District 11 is one of the poorer of the thirteen districts of Panem. Their industry is agriculture; orchards, fields of wheat, and cotton surround the district. Almost everything they grow goes to the Capitol, despite their starvation; if any citizen of District 11 is caught eating any of the crops, they are to be whipped in public. Its inhabitants are described as having dark brown skin as described in the physical traits of Rue, Thresh, Seeder and Chaff.

District 12 is the poorest of the thirteen districts in the nation of Panem. It's located in the Appalachia and has a population of around 8,000 or more people. District 12's main industry is coal mining. However, after the Second Rebellion, their main industry became medicine.


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