The Hunger Games


Who killed the female tributes from District 1 and District 4?

A) Peeta

B) Cato

C) Katniss

D) Clove

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Both girls are killed by the tracker jackers that Katniss knocked from the branch.


The Hunger Games

Basically Rue because she told Katniss to cut down the branch. The girl from District 4 died first. Katniss watches from her part of the tree as Glimmer from District 1 twitches on the ground for a few minutes, and then go completely still. But no cannon goes off for Glimmer. Katniss assumes that Glimmer is in some sort of coma and that when her heart stops, the hovercraft will come in, retrieve her body, and then take her bow and sheath of arrows for good.

Yeah Bassano, but isn't it technically Katniss that killed them? I mean, sure Rue asked Katniss to cut down the branch, but it's Katniss's kill.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (2012)