The Hunger Games

is the reaping system fair? Why or why not?

Please add any details in the book to add to your explanation.

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It isn't fair. The people picked are anywhere from 12 to 18 years old. These are all kids forced to fight each other to the death. It is meant to entertain the elite in the Capitol. Frequently young children who can least protect themselves, like Prim, are chosen.

Aw... that really sucks. Would you be able to tell me if you would be scared if you were chosen to attend the hunger games?

I'd wet myself. It's a nasty bloody battle between 23 children wanting to kill you with their weapons such as:



Bow and arrows

Bare hands

The mutts

I'd wet myself too Michael. And yes, its a huge bloody battle versus 23 children. I asked my parents, "Mom and dad? Would you be scared if you'd volunteer for yourself?"

"Yes Tony. I would wet myself because 23 children charging at you with dangerous weapons... that's 90 points." My dad said.

"Mom, what would your response be?" I asked her.

"What your father said Tony." My mom replied.

See? That's the reason why I wouldn't want to be in the Hunger Games.

Me too...

Technically speaking, on your behalf's Ty and Tony, (nice names btw), I wouldn't wet myself. I'd die.