The Hunger Games

How will Mrs.Everdeen and Prim provide for themselves when Katniss is gone? Chapter 3

The only part I remember is that, Peeta's father, Mr.Mellark agreed to help out Prim, and Prim would get goat,cheese, and milk from her goat. But what else would help? Would Mrs.Everdeen start back up doing Medicine, and create them from herbs and get money from that? I also remember something Gale said he would do, was it do have an equal share of his findings in the wood to an agreement he made with Katniss?

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The only person that would really help would be Gale. I think I recall Gale catches food for them. As Katniss's fame grows, I think others help Prim and mother as well.

Also, is the tresseaure part of it too? The supply of grain and oil?