The Hunger Games

How does Suzanne Collins build tension in the opening of Chapter 11?

This is from the novel The Hunger Games, What language techniques and context is used to create tension and drama in the first few pages of Chapter 11.

Things such as irony,short sentences, powerful verbs, historical context with Theseus and the Minotaur

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Each tribute stands on his or her own metal circle, all equidistant from the "Cornucopia," an oversized golden horn in the middle of the field, overflowing with supplies including food and weapons. Other tools are spread throughout the field. The rule (pretty much the only one) states that tributes must wait 60 seconds before a gong allows them to step off, or they will be blown up by land mines. After that begins the "bloodbath," wherein tributes rush for supplies and enter their first skirmishes. These are some of the most exciting chapters from an adventure standpoint, since they reveal for the first time Katniss's honed survival instincts in their full glory. The tension mounts here because we know that getting anything from the "Cornucopia" comes at a steep price. You will have to examine the text for specific words or phrases.