The Hunger Games

chapter 15

List the skills and benedits that rue and katniss bring to oeach other as allies

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When Katniss calls out offering to form an alliance, Rue accepts quickly. Rue, a tribute from the agricultural District 11, knows how to cure Katniss's stings. She finds some particular leaves and chews them up, after which they provide great relief when placed over the wounds. In return, Katniss uses her lotion on Rue's burn. They pool their food for a dinner, and while Katniss realizes the foolishness of forming an alliance with someone she will ultimately have to kill, she is pleased to have a friend. As they talk, Rue explains to Katniss how in District 11, they grow crops for all of Panem but are not allowed to eat them themselves. Katniss wonders if the television broadcast is blocking out their conversation so as not to reveal to any district how other districts work.

They spend some time comparing their respective supplies, and Rue explains that the sunglasses from Katniss's pack, which she found weird to wear in sunlight, are actually night-vision glasses. As Katniss had slept through the previous night's casualty announcement, Rue tells her there are 10 tributes left. What's more, she has been spying on the Career camp and has some information. They have camped out alongside the lake and Cornucopia, living off its supplies. What's more, Peeta is no longer with them.

When the night comes, Katniss offers to share her sleeping bag with Rue, an offer Rue gladly accepts. But before they go to sleep, Katniss pieces together that maybe the Careers won't be so well off without their supplies and proposes for the first time that maybe her best defense would be a strong offense.