The Hunger Games

Chapter 14: How does Katniss fight against the Careers?


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Katniss saws a branch, which is home to a large wasp's nest. When the nest drops and explodes, the wasps attack the Careers. They flee quickly to the Lake, but Glimmer's flight is ceded by stings and she falls to the ground. Katniss drops from the tree and returns to her pool, where she pulls the stingers from her skin. Nevertheless, her injuries have swollen and are emitting pus. But Katniss has no time to relax, since she realizes that Glimmer's fall means the bow is now available. She rushes over to find that her severe stings have paralyzed her body so that Katniss must break her fingers in order to free the bow. What's more, as she tries to pull it free, Glimmer's flesh begins to disintegrate in her hands.