The House of the Scorpion

House of the Scorpions

1. What is Eduardo making in the test tubes? 2. How many “drops of life” are there in the beginning? 3. What happens to most of them? 4. Where does Eduardo put the surviving ones? 5. Why does the nurse stop Eduardo from injecting the last embryo? 6. What does Celia call Matt? 7. What can’t Matt call Celia? 8. What can’t Matt touch in the house? 9. What can Matt usually see out the window? 10. What strange thing does Matt see one day? 11. What do the boy and girl bring with them the next day? 12. What does Matt show them through the window? 13. What do Stephen and Emilia threaten to do to Maria? 14. How does Matt get their attention? 15. What does he say? 16. Where do the children bring Matt? 17. What is wrong with his feet?

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Eduardo is cloning humans in the test tube. You will need to ask your other questions separately. Thanks.