The Hours

what would be a good essay thesis for The Hours?

I am writing an essay on the hours and i would like to know if anyone has a suggestion?

supporting quotes are good too.

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This will depend on what approach you want to take in your essay. I once did an essay regarding The Hours on the topic of suicide, and why suicide seems to be an accepted choice for the characters. For me, suicide has always been unacceptable...... but I did not want it to be a statement of opinion, so I tried to look at it from the other perspective.

hey jill! Sry there is no way to respond on this website

can you tell me what your thesis was? if you cant remember can you try and summarize it best you can?


This was a very long time ago. Start your thesis with the fact that The Hours contains two suicides and an attempted suicide (Virginia Woolf's suicide is the opener/ Richard's suicide is the climax/ Laura's attempted suicide). Look at their reasons for suicide and why those reasons can be understood...... or not. It depends on which way you're leaning in order to include your personal feelings.