The Hot Zone

Who is Joe McCormick and what is his job?

"Space Walk", "Shoot Out", "The Mission", or "Reconnaissance"

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Dr. Joseph McCormick

Chief of the Special Pathogens Branch of the C.D.C.

Joe McCormick was the chief of the Special Pathogens Branch of the C.D.C., the branch that had been run by Karl Johnson, another codiscoverer of Ebola virus. Joe McCormick was the successor to Karl Johnson— he had been appointed to the job when Johnson retired. He had lived and worked in Africa. He was a handsome, sophisticated medical doctor with curly dark hair and round Fiorucci spectacles, a brilliant, ambitious man, charming and persuasive, with a quick, flaring temper, who had done extraordinary things in his career. He had published major research articles on Ebola. Unlike anyone else in the room, he had seen and treated human cases of Ebola virus.
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