The Hot Zone

What factors make Kitum Cave “a nice place for a virus to jump species”? Give evidence to support each of your factors.

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From the text:

Kitum Cave is Mount Elgon’s equivalent of the Times Square subway station. It is an underground traffic zone, a biological mixing point where different species of animals and insects cross one another’s paths in an enclosed air space. A nice place for a virus to jump species.
There was no sign of running water in this cave, no streambed, no stalactites. It was an enormous, bone-dry hole in the side of Mount Elgon. Viruses like dry air and dust and darkness, and most of them don’t survive long when exposed to moisture and sunlight. Thus a dry cave is a good place for a virus to be preserved, for it to lie inactive in dung or in drying urine, or even, perhaps, for it to drift in cool, lightless, nearly motionless air.

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