The Hot Zone

What are the steps he uses in visualizing the steps involved in the procedure? What are some other tasks that could involve this kind of visualization?

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The outbreak at the second Hazelton facility gives the team an opportunity to observe the progression of the virus without any interference. While they had suspected that Ebola Reston is airborne during the first operation, they find definitive proof during the second outbreak as the virus travels from room to room through air ducts. The C.D.C. and USAMRIID also realize that the virus does infect humans but without causing any symptoms. While this discovery is positive for John Coleus, Milton Frantig, and the other animal caretakers, Preston notes the danger of an airborne virus that needs to undergo only a slight mutation before it gains the ability to destroy human tissue.

This second outbreak of Ebola Reston is also alarming because it is the direct result of a business decision made by Hazelton Research Products. Even though the C.D.C. traces the source of the Reston virus to a specific monkey house in the Philippines, Hazelton Research Products continues to purchase animals from the facility. This decision may be due to financial concerns or simple convenience, but either way, the company knowingly purchases additional monkeys from the same facility that caused the initial outbreak. It is fortunate that Ebola Reston remains harmless to humans through this second outbreak, or Hazelton Research Products would be solely responsible for any human deaths that occur.