The Hot Zone

The Hot Zone Page 24-32 Jumper

Compare Dr.Musoke's Symptond With Monets

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Monet develops a severe headache. Three days later, he spikes a fever and begins to vomit uncontrollably. His personality changes – he becomes sullen and resentful to his housekeeper – while his face becomes frozen in a mask-like state. When his eyeballs turn red and his skin takes on a yellowish shade, Monet’s housekeeper fears that he is turning into a zombie.

Dr. Musoke develops a severe backache and notices that his eyes are beginning to turn red. Then his skin begins to turn yellow. The surgeons are unable to identify the cause of Dr. Musoke’s illness but notice an alarming symptom: he will not stop bleeding. Dr. Silverstein convinces the Nairobi health authorities to shut down the hospital and quarantine the 67 medical staff members who had interacted with either Monet or Musoke. However, none of the staff members develop the virus. After ten days of illness, Dr. Musoke begins the slow but steady process of recovery. Although he retains no memory of his time under the influence of the Marburg virus, samples of Musoke's blood are sent to laboratories across the world.