The Hot Zone

Review the 3 strains from the 3 patients.

Part two

The second angel

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For the test, Jahrling uses blood serum from three individuals who were infected with a filovirus strain: Shem Musoke for Marburg, Mayinga N. for Ebola Zaire, and Boniface, a man who died from Ebola Sudan. Jahrling combines the monkey cells with blood serum from each individual. If the monkey sample tests positive for one of the three strains, the cells will glow under ultraviolet light. When Jahrling examines the slides, he is dismayed to see the Mayinga N. sample glowing brightly. He performs the test again, but with the same result. Jahrling immediately calls Colonel Peters, who decides to inform the commander of USAMRIID, Colonel David Huxsoll.