The Hot Zone

18. describe the steps to take prior to going into level 4 zone?

The hot zone

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- When entering the building, one must show their security badge to a guard. -----Before changing clothing and washing up, the person must remove all jewelry, nail polish.

-The person must undress, removing everything. Then they must put on sterile surgical scrubs as well as a cap.

- The person enters Level 2, which is bathed in ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light destroys genetic material in viruses, making them unable to replicate. Level 2 also contains a water-shower stall and a bathroom.

- The person moves on into Level 3 or staging area. The person must put baby powder in a pair of latex rubber surgical gloves, and then put them on. Sticky tape is applied to cuffs of gloves, sleeves of scrub shirt, socks to trousers. Then the person must put on a Chemturion biological space suit, also known as the "blue suit".

-Level four may be entered.