The Hobbit

What is unusual about Bilbo's mothers side of the family?

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Bilbo Baggins has two sides of the family. They are two entirely different familes. One side is the Took side, which was his mother, Belladonna Took. Her family was very wealthy. The other side is the Baggins side, which was his father. The Baggins side was not as wealthy. Plus, the Baggins side did not go on adventures, like the one in this book. Bilbo never thought about adventures. He thought of the simple life he lived, just like a Baggins. But on his mother's side, they were much different. They always went on adventures. Sometimes they would be gone for months. But the family never told anyone about the family member's absence. Belladonna Took, Bilbo's mother, had gone on adventures before she married Bilbo's father. After she became a Baggins, she never went on another adventure. She also had her great wealth. She and her family were quite famous in the hobbit world for their wealth. Bilbo had the mind of a Baggins. He never thought about adventures. He knew about the Took side of him, but never thought of adventures.

Bilbo never thought that the Toot side of him would take over for the adventure. Then he finds himself going on an adventure just like a Toot. You can post ideas below and tell how the Toot side of him takes over on the adventure.