The Hobbit

What is the role of the ring?

Who had been have it? How did they get it and lose it?

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the role of the ring is one of a major character. it belonged to bilbo baggins and the role represents one of mystery and power and evil. it can encommpass the characters and make them become something they are not.


the hobbit

The Ring seemed simply to be made of gold, but was impervious to damage. It could be destroyed only by throwing it into the pit of the volcanic Mount Doom where it had originally been forged. Unlike other rings, the One Ring was not susceptible to dragon fire....The role of the ring is that it provides the bearer with ultimate power over everything. THe down side of it is that it corrupts the beraer no matter his or her intent. The One Ring was created by the Dark Lord Sauron during the Second Age in order to gain dominion over the free peoples of Middle-earth. The Ring was cut from Sauron's hand by Elendil's son, Isildur, on the slopes of Mount Doom. Though counseled to destroy the Ring, he was swayed by its power and kept it safe instead, "as weregild for my father, and my brother". A few years later, Isildur was ambushed by orcs by the River Anduin near the Gladden Fields; he put on the Ring to escape, but it slipped from his finger as he swam across the river, and, suddenly visible, he was killed by the orcs. Since the Ring indirectly caused Isildur's death, it was known in Gondorian lore as "Isildur's Bane".

The Ring remained hidden in the river bed for almost two and a half millennia, until it was discovered on a fishing trip by a Stoor hobbit named Déagol.


it can make you disappear


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