The Hobbit

the hobbit

why are the dwarves happy? why is bilbo unhappy?


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Which chapter are you referring to? 

Well, throughout the story to about I'd say chapter 12 maybe... maybe a bit longer even, Bilbo is still pouting because he never wanted to go on an adventure, but you notice whenever he does something he is proud of he all the sudden is happy. When he is starving or angry or fierce in any emotion that he doesn't want to you know be in, he really just wants to be in Bag End in his tiny old Hobbit Hole having a nice big breakfast.


Throughout the story the dwarves are happy because they really want their treasure and home back, and when they finally get their he sort of overreacts when Bilbo trys to avoid a battle between them and the Lake-men and elves.

The dwarves are happy because they are begin pampered, where as Bilbo is busy worring about the adventure to come with the dragon and had a cold.