The Hobbit

How realistic is their return and how legitimate is their claim? Can you see parallels between tese disenfranchised dwarves and various Native American nations? Explain.

An army of dwarves led by Dain, son of Nain, arrives in peace ready to join forces with Bard, elves, and Bilbo. They come because they want to join their kinsmen in the mountain, since their former has now been restored.

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Sure the dwarves want to re-claim their former rights and glory. That seems reasonable, especially in Tolkien's world. I think the destination has to be made there. This is a fantasy series populated by creatures and creeds in a very fantastical world. Native Americans as well as Indigenous Canadians lived (and still live) in a very political world. The arrival of the Europeans combined with existing tensions between tribes was a more complex and human situation. For certain many natives would have longed for the pre-European past but time progressed. The very clear Tolkien concepts of good and evil don't really work so well when applied to our world.