The Hobbit

Gandalf tells Bilbo he is not the hobbit he once use to be. Do you agree or disagree? Defend your response.

Please help me! i need help on summer reading and i dont know how to answer this question! PLEASE HELP ME!

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Bilbo is definitely not the hobbit he once was. He's been on an adventure, lived with the dwarves, and had to find courage when he had none. In coming home, he's returning to the quiet life he's left, but he'll never be the same because of the things he's experienced. Symbolically, he defines his "new" self by deciding to sell his old home and furnishings. He's burying them along with the Bilbo he used to be.

The other Hobbits see the new Bilbo as unusual or odd, I guess they aren't as thrilled with the "new" Bilbo as he might have wished, but he continues to be loved for his poetry and storytelling. Bilbo has definitely come out of his shell, and although he's not the hobbit he once was....... I love him!


The Hobbit