The Hobbit

Chapter 15 The Gathering of the clouds

Raven Roac, News he brings to the dwarves:

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The raven brings the dwarves the news that Smaug is dead.

"Behold! the birds are gathering back again to the Mountain and to Dale from South and East and West, for word has gone out that Smaug is dead!"

"Dead! Dead?" shouted the dwarves. "Dead! Then we have been in needless fear-and the treasure is ours!"

They all sprang up and began to caper about for joy.

"Yes, dead," said Roac. "The thrush, may his feathers never fall, saw him die, and we may trust his words. He saw him fall in battle with the men of Esgaroth the third night back from now at the rising of the moon."


The Hobbit