The Hobbit

*Chapter 12-14* Much of what has been tested in Bilbo throughout the book is magnified in these chapters. Which of the following qualities are tried most rigorously in Bilbo? Briefly justify your choices.

Here are the following qualities:












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This would take a really involved answer for this space. It is important to note that Bilbo Baggins does not begin as a hero. He starts off as a very reluctant addition to the group of adventurers. Bilbo shows both intelligence and generosity by rejecting greed and happily giving up his share of the treasure to deliver the Arkenstone to Bard. Bilbo knows this will smooth over relations but, beyond this, it shows that Bilbo has little interest in money or treasure. There are more traits I could get into but hopefully this gives you a start. 



The best way to answer this question is to find the lacking of the Chrecteristic, and then describe where he finds it. Finnaly show a part where Bilbo uses it.


Lacking of Emapthay - Bilbo doesn't show empathy when he doesn't accept the burgular job easily. He dosent relize that the Drwaves have lost families, homes etc. from Smaug. They need his service.