The Hobbit

Briefly identify Smaug

List the general characteristics most dragons have in common?

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is the major villain of the story. He is a dragon that has terrorized several towns and, within his mountain, he guards a massive horde of treasure. Part of this treasure belongs to the dwarves and so they intend to reclaim it. Smaug dies in battle against the villagers of Esgaroth, when a warrior named Bard shoots an arrow through his unshielded breast.


Smaug is a fictional dragon from "The Hobbit." He loves to pillage and lay waste to towns which he has done before the story in The Hobbit begins. He is guarding their treasure by sleeping on it, but he has been there for so long that the treasure has grown into his skin, thus making his skin impenetrable to even the mightiest of swords. He does, however, as do all dragons have a weak spot which can be penetrated and thus kill him. Later, in some stories, he comes down into the towns again with "flames," another characteristic of dragons.