The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

1. Why does Allworthy decide to adopt the foundling? Do you approve this?

book i

tom jones Novel

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Allworthy really doesn't give much thought to adopting the baby.... it just kind of happend. He finds the baby left on his bed and knows he hasn't anyone to care for him. Allworthy decides that he can provide that care. He's well known as a benevolant man.

"There is much consideration of innocence and purity in Book 1. Consider how Allworthy feels about the child he finds. It is telling that he discovers the young Tom Jones in the most intimate of places: his bedroom. And even though Mrs. Wilkins reveals an obvious disdain for the child, Allworthy is oblivious to it as he demands she look after it. He cannot see the ill will in others, which helps explain his "pleasing slumbers."

oh............. yes, I definitely approve.


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