The History Boys

how is the importance of knowlede presented in the play?

how is the acquisition of it presented?

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The acquisition of knowledge is presented in a few different ways. First, you have the teacher who believes that you acquire enough knowledge to pass your testa and become successful professionally. In contrast, you have the teacher who wants their students to acquire knowledge and then test the knowledge they've acquired.

This difference is a huge source of debate in today's schools where teaching the test and performance on standardized tests has become the model for judging our student's progress. Facts are taught and tests mean everything, rather than retaining knowledge and building on it, teachers are exposing students to knowledge and hoping for the best. Actual knowledge and learning how to 'think' are put on the back burner, while learning the 'tricks' to get you though are emphasized.

If you haven't noticed, I find this a very controversial subject and have deep opinions............ I think the book presented the problem very well.


The History Boys