The Hiding Place

Which part of God’s Word helped stop the spread of “cancer” in Corrie?

This is for chapters 14-15

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Corrie realizes that the great trick of Satan is to believe that small secret sins are all right. Corrie sees this cancer of selfishness spreading in barracks and throughout the camp. Joy and power drain from Corrie’s ministry and her prayers become mechanical. Although Betsie would like to take over reading the Bible from Corrie, who reads without feeling, her cough prevents her. However, Corrie comes across scripture that changes this attitude. Corrie reads Paul’s account of thorn in the flesh, when Paul begs God to take away his weakness. When God tells Paul to rely on him, Paul realizes that he sees his weakness as something to be thankful for. Paul comes to know that it is God’s strength, not his own, which creates change.