The Hiding Place

what did the police chief request of corrie?

THE one who came in and broke in

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Below you will find what the police chief requested of Corrie;

"At Christmas in 1943, they celebrated both the Christian holiday and Hanukkah. Unfortunately, the Jews who celebrated this Festival of Lights sang so loudly that their neighbor came to Corrie and urged her to quiet them down. Corrie was then reminded that if the neighbor knew so much, how much did the authorities know? She soon discovered that one of the authorities who did know was the Chief of Police himself. She received a notice from him to come to his office one afternoon in January at 3:00 PM. Corrie prepared for the eventuality that this might be a precursor to a raid. She even packed a “prison bag” for herself in case they took her into custody. When she arrived at the man’s office, a radio was playing and instead of turning it down, he turned it up. He proceeded then to tell her that he knew about her work in hiding Jews, and that some of them at the station were in sympathy with her family. He wanted to know if she knew the name of someone whom she could recommend to kill an informer in the police department. Her answer to the Chief of Police was to suggest that they pray for this man to no longer betray his countrymen. He then allowed her to leave and told her that it had been wrong of him to ask her for such help. When she arrived home again, Corrie told the family only parts of what had happened, because she didn’t want to burden them with the knowledge that they had been asked to kill."

The man who forced himself into their home was Otto, an apprentice whom Corrie's dad was forced to fire from his job. When he came into the house he identified himself Captain Altschuler. The insignia on his jacket belied his claim to being a captain, but he came in nonetheless.