The Hiding Place


what was the purpose and what was it

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The Dutch Underground is a movement put in place to help the Jews.

Corrie begins befriending Jewish people who are suffering, like Harry de Vries, and sees the danger they face daily. This realization leads Corrie to take part in the Underground more actively.

In May 1942, as the occupation grows harsher, Peter is arrested for playing the national anthem in church. Meanwhile, Corrie learns the methods of the Underground movement. The ten Booms begin housing Jews until they can find them safe homes in the country. Corrie solves the greatest problem for relocation, the lack of ration cards, by approaching Fred Koornstra, a Food Office worker. Corrie continues to develop a network of sources, learning tips from Pickwick and other Underground workers. In order to make the Beje safe during Gestapo raids, the anonymous Mr. Smit builds a secret room in Corrie’s bedroom.

As war rages, the ten Booms struggle to reconcile the precepts of Christianity with illegal Underground activities, including lying, stealing and sabotage. Lying is sometimes necessary for survival, however. After Peter’s release from prison, he faces seizure for munitions work in Germany. The ten Booms strive to protect their young men from this terrible fate by hiding them and deceiving the Gestapo. Other tragedies strike the Beje residents, including the death of Christoffels and Gestapo seizure of Harry de Vries. Corrie, Betsie and Father continue to refine the Beje system, which now includes six other permanent residents. The most memorable of the six is Meyer Mossel, called Eusie as a disguise. The others, like Eusie, are Jews who cannot be placed in other homes. The Beje group grows closer during these difficult times with cultured entertainment and reverent worship.