The Hiding Place


what happens to the JEWS in chappter 9 

i was trying to find the answer but cant HELP !!!!!!

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Agents bash in the walls of the shop looking for a secret room, another answers the doorbell to Corrie’s dismay. Someone had replaced the “Alpina” card, which signalled safety. This messenger shares the Pickwick was arrested, before the agents arrest her too. Now the Beje is a trap for everyone who enters, whether they are involved in resistance work or not. When the agents find the radio, Kapteyn asks them what the Bible says about obeying the government. Father says “Fear God and honor the Queen.”

More people who are not involved, like customers and an elderly missionary couple, enter the shop. When the phone rings, Willemse forces Corrie to answer. Although she attempts to warn them with an unusually businesslike greeting, several fall into the trap. When no secret room is found and word is out that the Beje is a trap, the agents decide to surround the house, until the people in the secret room come out or die. The Gestapo marches the ten Boom family to the police station.