The Hiding Place

How did it end?

end of chapter 15

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The story ends with Corrie fulfilling Betsie's dreams.

Corrie realizes how much she misses her sister Betsie and remembers their plans for sharing what they had learned. Corrie begins telling neighbors and strangers alike about her experience in that cheerless spring of 1945. Corrie brings a message of joy to a town struck by tragedy and misfortune. At a town meeting, Corrie sees the first vision of Betsie’s home for those hurt to live again. Afterwards, an aristocratic lady, Mrs. Bierens de Haan, approaches Corrie and asks about the Beje. Mrs. Bierens de Haan’s mother knew Corrie’s aunt and is a widow with five sons in the resistance. Mrs. Bierens de Haan tells Corrie that something is telling to donate her beautiful manor home in suburbs if her youngest son Jan returns home safely. Two weeks later, Jan returns and Mrs. Bierens de Haan donate the fifty-six-room mansion to Corrie’s cause. Just as Betsie envisioned there are gardens where the former prisoners can recover from the trauma they suffered. When in the second week of May the Allies take Holland, hundreds arrive at Bloemendaal, the estate for Betsie’s rehabilitation center. The Dutch flag returns to shop windows and people belt out the Wilhelmus proudly. Amid all the excitement of the war ending, Corrie realizes that the key to healing will be forgiveness.

The second vision includes turning the Beje into a home for former National Socialist Bond members. Since the end of the war, former NSBers have been evicted and fired from their jobs. Eventually people begin to heal. Corrie sees less anger on the part of the Bloemendaal residents towards former NSBers. In order to raise funds for her projects, Corrie goes on speaking tours in Holland, Europe and America. At a church in Germany, filled with great devastation, Corrie sees a former SS agent who stood guard at the shower rooms in Ravensbruck. After the speech, he approaches Corrie and tells her that he has become a Christian. She struggles to shake his hand, but feels at peace when she forgives him. She realizes that God not only gives the command to love, he gives the love as well. In order to share this love, Corrie decides to found a rehabilitation center for Germans who are homeless and damaged by the war. Someone suggests a former concentration camp, called Darmstadt. One a tour of the grounds, Corrie sees barbed wire and depressing concrete. However, Betsie’s vision for such a place reappears in Corrie’s memory and she tells her helps to add window boxes and to paint the dormitories green like the color of spring plants. In this way, Corrie completes the visions of which her sister Betsie dreamt.