The Hiding Place

Describe the ‘Hiding Place’ and why it was worth the risk.

From the book The Hiding place.

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From the text:

Built-in bookshelves ran along this false wall, old, sagging shelves whose blistered wood bore the same water stains as the wall behind them. Down in the far lefthand corner, beneath the bottom shelf, a sliding panel, two feet high and two wide, opened into the secret room.

Mr. Smit stooped and silently pulled this panel up. On hands and knees Betsie and I crawled into the narrow room behind it. Once inside we could stand up, sit, or even stretch out one at a time on the single mattress. A concealed vent, cunningly let into the real wall, allowed air to enter from outside.

Was it worth it? The "hiding place" saved lives.... nothing is worth more than that.


Boom, Corrie Ten. The Hiding Place (p. 103). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.