The Help

discuss the relationship between Skeeter and her Mother. Why and how does it change as the movie progresses?

they were far apart

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Charlotte is racist- Skeeter is anything but. Charlotte wants her daughter married and is borderline homophobic. None-the-less, when Stuart backs her daughter against the wall, Charlotte finally finds the voice inside of her to tell Skeeter how much she admires her.

Although Skeeter admires the black women who surround her, she also falls into the category of the spoiled, southern, white woman. At the beginning of the story, she socializes with southern society women and follows along with their mores..... the same things she doesn't like about her mother.

As the story progresses, Charlotte fights cancer and forges a new relationship with her daughter. Skeeter, on the other hand, flouts society and makes her own way.