The Handmaid's Tale

Why does Offred accept Serena Joy's offer rather than the Doctor's?

When the Doctor suggests that he help Offred conceive, she rejects his offer, even though she knows she is unlikely to be caught. When Serena Joy offers to help her, she says yes almost immediately, despite her serious lack of trust for Serena Joy and the immense amount of power Serena Joy has over her. Why do you think she accepts Serena Joy's offer rather than the Doctor's?

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When the doctor offers to not help Offred conceive, but rather impregnate her himself, she is well aware of the fact that the penalty is death. Although she refuses the doctor's offer, she does it nicely..... just in case.

Serena Joy, on the other hand, may not be trustworthy, but the Commander's part in the impregnation makes things just a bit safer for Offred. It also allows her some time in a world she once knew..... a world of books, conversation, and companionship.


The Handmaid's Tale