The Handmaid's Tale

What under currents of danger are ther in this episode?

What under currents of danger are ther in this episode?(in Chap 29)

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The dangers would lay in Offred's actions and in the Commanders leniency with her. First of all, his wife could run amuck with the relationship that's budding between them. Remeber, the Commander's last woman is dead. Also, Offred is being indulged with the ability to participate in activities that that are punishable (reading, writing, playing games). She would face an enormous penalty for her actions, as would the Commander.

Offred also ends the chapter requesting knowledge of things that are happening; the Commander can't give her information without putting them both in danger; it's folly.


The Handmaid's Tale

I think certainly all the "liberties" that the commander is taking with her and the freedoms he lets Offred have. He is putting himself in danger as well as making Offred indebted to him further.